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How nice would it be if you woke up tomorrow knowing the exact systems you need to run your online business? And all you have to do is set them up and focus on finding your ideal clients? Running your online business depends on having many programs and systems in place – website, landing page, payment processor, electronic signature, scheduler, etc. It is easy to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and paralyzed with infinite options to choose from. And answers to the questions... so many questions: ...What systems do I need? ...How do I sort through all these options and find the right programs for me and for my business? ...How do they all integrate and talk to each other? ...What program is best to charge for my products and services? ...How do I grow my email list? ...How do I setup, charge, and deliver my mini-course? ...What systems do I need to set up my freebie? ...How do I automate as much as possible?

Here is what Maryalice has to say about working with me:

I met Fabi through a peer of mine in 2016. I was at a point in my business where I was doing way too much of the everyday tasks like client care, email management, social media, tedious administrative tasks - which was actually preventing me from growing. I was in a situation where if I didn’t hire someone who could come in and hit the ground running, my business would suffer significantly. Fabi was that person! She came in and had the perfect mix of grace and confidence. She was willing to learn whatever I needed her to learn to take over the administrative parts of my coaching business. She also had some excellent ideas which were refreshingly surprising. If you're finding yourself working in your business versus on your business, it’s time to check yourself. This is the fastest way to destroying your dreams. Fabi is reliable, honest, creative, and truly a pleasure to work with. Even my clients make it a point to say how wonderful she is. She makes herself very available and always follows through on everything we talk about. She is my best-kept secret :) and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will most definitely be as lucky as I am. She will not only work for you, she will partner with you to ensure your vision and dreams of a successful business come to be. She truly is the best!

Maryalice Goldsmith of Maryalice Goldsmith Coaching, LLC www.maryalicegoldsmith.com

You can definitely turn to Facebook groups and ask questions there – it’s helpful for sure, but whoever is answering your questions don't know much about your business. They are giving you suggestions without knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, the other systems you already have in place, and needs to integrate with. Those answers may make you feel even more frustrated and overwhelmed. At the end, nothing replaces a good conversation with someone who understands and has experience with setting up and managing the programs needed to run an online business, and who does it not only for her business but for others as well, every day all day long. And that is why I created my 90-minute Tech Savvy Strategy Call for only $90! During these 90 minutes, we will go over your business structure, assess what programs you need, and put a plan in place on what you have to do next to set up your programs and systems. You can finally answer your questions related to setting up your systems and move forward with your business. Building an online business is not an easy task, I‘ll admit. When I built mine more than three years ago, I was asking myself all of those same questions you are asking yourself right now, and I remember telling myself “I wish I could find 1 person who could help me figure out the programs and systems I need”. I didn’t find anyone and did it all alone. But you don’t have to!

This session is for you if you

  • Are fairly new to running an online business 
  • Are stuck not been able to decide what programs you need 
  • Feel the need to implement more systems to automate as much as possible but don't know what they are
  • Need to set up your freebie and have no idea where to start; or have an idea, but that's it 
  • Want answers to your questions and are tired of wasting time asking questions online  

Here is Denice, who has been my client for over 2 years:

“Fabi is a responsive, detail oriented professional. She’s hardworking, organized and eager to learn. She completes tasks in a timely manner and competently learns the different systems I use to run my business. She offers informed suggestions to improve the systems and processes for my business and my client’s business. When you need a conscientious team player, Fabi is the virtual assistant to go to. Thanks, Fabi!”

Denice Whiteley Product Launch Concierge https://www.denicewhiteley.com/ 

What is included with this session

  • 90-minute strategy call via Zoom where you will ask all your questions. I will help you define the systems and your next steps to set up those systems 
  • Pre-call form where I will gather all the information I need for our call so the 90 minutes will be as productive as it can be
  • One follow up email a week later to check on your progress  

***You'll receive the audio recording of the call to donwload to your computer if it records properly

Not sure if this Session is right for you?

If you are not sure this session is right for you, click HERE to schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me and let's figure it out. This is not a sales call. This is a call to help you ensure your investment of money and time will be worth it!  

Here is Christine, who has been my client for over two years:

““Fabi is professional, courteous, responsible, and organized. She has assisted our nonprofit in various roles, including supporting our development work, production, and general business administrative needs. She has extensive administrative skills, and is not only quick to learn new skills but finds improved logistics and workflows that help us perform those tasks more efficiently. She updates our member database, tracks member renewals, updates our mailing list, posts content to our website, helps manage production, and more. She has excellent communication skills and does a terrific job at representing our nonprofit to our supporters through email and mail correspondence. I would highly recommend Fabi for any business looking for an experienced professional. She has been a pleasure to work with.”  

Christine Weiser Author, Philadelphia Stories Founder http://www.philadelphiastories.org/


Since February of 2015, I’ve been working as a Systems and Operations Manager helping my clients build and grow their business.  

I help them set up and manage the systems needed to run an online business and I take care of tasks that to free up my clients' time so they can focus on taking on more clients, creating more products and services, and growing their business.  

I am their right-hand operations manager when it comes to setting up their lead magnet, launching their products, using their email marketing tool, updating the content on their website, or overhauling their systems.  

Here is Casey describing her experience working with me:

Casey Benedict Testimonial from Fabiane Malacarne on Vimeo.

Casey Benedict Founder of Kitchen-Play https://www.kitchen-play.com/